Ch Forest Dragon GM Bandit
Ch Gold Mask Raide
Ch Fairlawn's Playboy
Ch Woodforest EZ Dragon Raider
Ch Woodforest EZ Mojo Dragon
Ch E-Zee's Lil'Cleo
Ch Fairlawn's Arabella
Ch Fairlawn's Karumba
Woodforest EZ Dragon Snappa II
Ch Gold Mask California Dream
Legend of The Starr Glow For Gin
Texas Ranger Black Florida
Legend of The Starr Eluna Naomi
Kali Girl Diva Sting
Int Ch Zorro Diva Sting
Kan Trace Unforgettable Fire
Forest Dragon GM Eternity
Ch Gold Mask Great Dragon
Ch Gold Mask Countdown
Legend of The Starr Glow For Gin
Kali Girl Diva Sting
Gold Mask A Stroke for Luck
Ch Fairlawn's Password
Gold Mask Magic Dragon
Ch Gold Mask Dragonheart
Wild Boar King's Blue Blood
Gold Mask Hold Line
Gold Mask Checkmate
Kan Trace Unforgettable Fire
Vulcain's Canaille MC Fragment Glacée Inavouée
Multi Ch
Aim High With Ringmaster
Ch Benmar's Shooter's Arrow
Ch Berg Donner’s Iron
Berg Donner's Zapp
Ch Patriot's Lady Liberty
Ch Benmar's Million Dollar Baby
Ch Benmar's Sharp Shooter
Ch Patriot's American Beauty
Multi Ch Gaff's Zeta's Zorra
Ch Benmar's Ring Master
Ch Fraja EC Golden Boy
Ch Benmar's Cruise Control
Ch Gaffs' Catherine Zeta
Ch Sindelars Texas Gentleman
Gaff's Hawaiian Baby
Vulcain's Canaille Hx Fantôm Crépuscule Bonbon
Ch Malone's Knight of Nobility
Ch Sierra's Hunky Brewster
Ch Sierra's Road Warror
Ch Sierra's Heaven Beside You
Ch Malones Stricks Just A Jade
Ch Michl R Boomerang
Ch Aftershocks All That Jazz
Sierra's California Sunshine
Ch Malone Chavez Keepin' The Peace
Ch Michl R Boomerang
Ch Aftershocks All That Jazz
Sierra's Irish Cream
Ch Sierra's Land Rover
Sierra's Sweet Symphony