Ch Grand, Rus, Blr, Kaz, Tat, Cl, 8xR.CACIB, 3xCACIB
Shou Master Young Lauder
Ch Woodforest EZ Eagle Scream
Ch Woodforest EZ Chances ‘R’
Ch Wood's EZ McRuff
Ch Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
Ashrae Hunka Redbolt
Wood's EZ Coral Blu St
Ch Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
Woods EZ Keywest Cora
Ch Scott's Angel Kisses
Ch Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
Ch Herring's Bullet
Sentinal's Just E Zee
Lady Scott of River Run
Wildwind's Jiggs Bojangled
Ch Wildwind Daydream Fantasy
Oxana Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Sindelar's KC
Ch Barberycoast O'Class Bandito
Ch Touch O’Class Rebel Rouser
Ch Touch O’Class Put It On the Ritz
Ch Sindelar's Misty Mudd
Ch Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
Ch Sindelar's Heide Ho
Ch Scharon Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Tippitt's Irish Mike
Tippitt's Excalibur
Ch Tippitt's Dixie Blue
Ch Tipsy
Ch Sindelar's Fred
Ch Tippitt's Beau Jungle
Int Ch
Imperia Staff Formula I
Ch Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Ralph du Donjon Magnolia
Ch Tippit's Young Fireball Jerry Lee
Ch Sindelar's Buster Benson
Barberycoast Kindred Spirit
Ch Magnolia's First Lady
Ch Wade's Stormy Harbor
Ch Tara's Magnolia's Sandcastle
Int Ch Yaga Tipit Z Hanky
Int Ch Camelots Gallant Buck
Ch Gallant's Johnny Reb
Ch Camelot's Princess Jean
Ch Tipsy
Ch Sindelar's Fred
Ch Tippitt's Beau Jungle
Tara's Bullit Star
Ch USA Tara's Smooth Criminal
Ch USA Tara's The Untouchable
Ch Roadhouse’s El Toro Valiente
Tara's Aunt Pittypat
Ch USA Tara's Misbehavin
Ch Benmars Montana of Roadhouse
Ch Herring's Roaring Rose
Tara's Aunt Pittypat
Tara's The Gambler
Ch Tara's Doc Holliday
Ch Tara's Strawberry Shortcake
Tara's Maggie Mai
Ch Sindelar's Doctor Mudd
Ch Tara's Windsong

Je recherche toujours les photos manquantes des pedigrées de mes chiens, si jamais vous les avez n'hésiter pas à me les envoyer par mail. Merci

I always seek the missing photographs of pedigrees of my dogs, if ever you have them not to hesitate not with me to send them by mall. Thank you