Vulcain's Canaille Ez Scandalous Tweeny Witches
Multi Ch LBC Get Together Again Lesoto
Ch Tippit Z Calvin Royal Court's
Ch Royal Court's Winning Colors
Ch Fraja EC Gold Standard
Ch Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
Ch Royal Court's Mad About You
Ch White Rocks Lone Star Dallas
Ch Royal Court's HMS Dreadnought
Ch EPD Blue Moon Lesoto
Ch Imperia Staff Diamond Hill
Ch Vita Kenbo Utan Uzi Hunter
Ch Imperia Staff Daffodil
Ch CCS Prima Balerina Lesoto
Woodforest Ez Sunforest
Ch Cyklada Nurian
Ch Demetra Platinum Dream ot Vladley Arish
Ch Shou Master Young Lauder
Ch Woodforest EZ Eagle Scream
Ch Woodforest EZ Chances ‘R’
Ch Scott's Angel Kisses
Oxana Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Sindelar's KC
Ch Scharon Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Imperia Staff Formula I
Ch Kamikaze Tipit Z Hanky
Ch Ralph du Donjon Magnolia
Int Ch Yaga Tipit Z Hanky
Tara's Bullit Star
Ch USA Tara's Smooth Criminal
Tara's Aunt Pittypat
Sierra's California Sunshine
Ch Malone Chavez Keepin' The Peace
Ch Michl R Boomerang
Ch Michl R American Flyer Icon
Icon's First Edition
Michl R All Jazzed Up
Ch Michl Rockets Red Glare
Int Ch Willynwood Redneck
Willynwood Red White N Blue
Ch Aftershocks All That Jazz
Northern Ca's Next Edition
Ch Gaff's Limited Edition
Circle C's Silver Lining
Starfire's Straight Shot
Ch Gaff's Silver Simba
Summerwind's Shades of Grey
Sierra's Irish Cream
Ch Sierra's Land Rover
Ch Sierra's Gaff's Smith N Wesson
Ch Sierra's Bold As Brass
Ch Red Sky's Velvet
Ch Sierra's Sunflower Sadie
Ch USA Sierra's Gaff's Titanium Tank
Gaff's CA Starlight Zila
Sierra's Sweet Symphony
Ch Sierra's Braveheart
Ch Sierra's Gaff Dempsey Triple
Ch Sierra's Gaff Poison Ivy
Ch Sierra's Artic Sunrise
Ch Sierra's Gaff Maximillion
Sierra's Madame Pirate